HoloLens applications – Work, train, or entertain users with holograms

Microsoft’s new mixed reality platform, Windows Holographic, brings all new innovation while providing opportunities for businesses to create incredible apps to make your life simple. Our engineers have been working and experimenting with HoloLens and augmented reality for quite a while now – so that we can take you to the new world by enabling you to go beyond proofs of concept. Keeping your business needs in mind, we can help you create best-in-class HoloLens experiences for Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Holographic.

  • Untethered device gives mobility to user
  • Apps can be controlled through voice commands
  • User works with life-sized holograms
  • MS Cognitive Services can be integrated with the app

How mixed reality is transforming industries

Construction, engineering and architecture

Though many digital prototyping, designing, and modeling software are available, it has been quite difficult for engineers and designers to show the dynamics and visualize 3D. Hololens apps make it easy for people to deal with designs.

Manufacturing and product configurator

HoloLens apps can help improve collaboration between different team across the entire product development process by allowing team members to interact in real-time and be on the same page at all times.


With HoloLens, doctors and dentists can show their patients a 3D view of the organ or section of the mouth that they are going to operate on. More accurate prosthetics can be designed that fit the patient’s anatomy perfectly.


Mixed reality will help capture the attention of students. It can be used in online tutoring and in higher education such as nursing, medical training, engineering and construction.

Augmented Field Service

Companies can equip their field technicians with HoloLens headsets and ensure that experienced engineers are present to guide technicians working in remote locations.

HoloLense in Healthcare

Improve patient care and surgeries, Surgeons can plan their operation using 3D holograms, HoloLens is being used in spinal surgeries as an assistive tool, Medical procedures can be explained to patients easily

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Our Process

01. Project
02. Discovery &
Analysis Phase
03. Architecture
Design Phase
04. Development
05. UAT and

Our Work

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  • Product experience design
  • 3D content development
  • Texturing / material design
  • Conceptual prototyping
  • Holo tours
  • 360 degree video
  • Architecture 3D Models
  • Unity3d Development
  • Remote AR
  • White Label App Development

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