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Node.js is an innovative platform that can be used to build faster scalable network applications. Hita Technologies has experienced Node.js developers and has helped companies build load-bearing infrastructure which uses Node.js as one of the primary technologies. Node.js is the tool of choice for Fortune 100 companies.

Node.js generates new opportunities for enterprises with its latest enhanced features. It has become a preferred framework among enterprises that are looking for quick real-time applications, networked applications, scalable and high traffic driven applications or mobile applications that have to talk to platform API & database. Node.js development is an ideal platform to build all types of applications.

You can now deploy web apps and APIs on this cutting-edge platform that is so versatile that it is being used even in microcontrollers and robots.

Our Features

Node.js is Fast

Node.js uses Google’s V8 engine and is pretty fast. So building applications with Node.js means, faster running apps.

Active Community

Node.js is backed by a thriving open source community that has contributed many modules for adding additional capabilities in Node.js applications.

Real Time Applications

Node.js is perfect for developing real time applications like Chatbots and gaming apps. It is also used for developing applications that need an event based server.

Node Package Manager

Node Package Manager is a shared repository of 50,000 plus packages that can be used by developers to create various applications.

Single Codebase

Since Node.js is a server side javascript technology and it along with other client side javascript technologies like Angular.js means synchronized coding.

Part of Mean Stack

Node.js along with Angular, MongoDB and Express.js is part of MEAN development stack which is a full development stack for creating modern web applications.

Quality Web Design and Development is our Forte

We are serving industries globally with quality web solutions since long time as one of the pioneers in web development service providers

How and why partnering with Hita Technologies gets you an extra edge?

Vast Experience

You can gain from our two decades of experience in web development domain, we have served 100+ clients across different industry verticals


We have separate teams for addressing various web and app development requirements of your project to assure quality and timely delivery

All Under one roof

From consulting to development and deployment to marketing, get end-to-end customized solutions for your web or app project under one roof

Data security assurance

All our employees follow NDA and never sell your project details to any third party, which means that your projects are in the safest hands

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Our Process

01. Project
02. Discovery &
Analysis Phase
03. Architecture
Design Phase
04. Development
05. UAT and

Our Work

Right place for Node.js consulting and development

  • Real time chat applications
  • Heavy load web applications
  • Ecommerce, shopping cart development
  • Interactive application development
  • Application & system monitoring dashboard
  • Ajax development
  • Web APIS

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